How can you make sure that when msi file is double clicked it automatically select a pre-defined mst file.

I also do not know the answer of this questions, but this is my solution

Try setting property

template “default.mst”

New MSI Interview Questions.

  1. How to add font files in an MSI package without using Wise Package Studio’s File Display Section.
  2. Difference between deferred & immediate custom action.
  3. What will you do if you can’t solve a issue in a package.
  4. How to add shortcuts to startup folder.
  5. Which applications should not be repackaged in MSI
  6. Which & why files are stored in C:\Windows\Installer
  7. What are the differences between patching, update & upgrade
  8. How to view to installation log files, which third party tools can be used for this task.
  9. Where can I find the schema of MSI file.
  10. How will you get the table details by using MSI SDK but not using ORCA.
  11. How can Network Shortcuts be added in an MSI Package.
  12. How to install certifications using MSI
  13. What are the advantages of admin install
  14. What condition on CA will allow to “Install” and “repair” but not at “uninstall”
  15. How to create nested MSI Installation
  16. How to create MST file from two MSI files.
  17. How to ensure that MSI gets installed only on WinXPSP3, win 7 and IE 8

Restarted working on mayaDeploy

I have restarted the coding of mayadeploy, a Full Package Management Solution for Small Business, It will be re-coded in Python & G++, using WX as GUI library.

Few silent features are as follows,

  1. Based on Server & Client architecture
  2. Using this managers will be able to deploy packages on to his reportee’s computer without any human intervention. (Only for App-V Packages for now)
  3. Will support following file types for deployment:- msi, exe, batch files, App-V Packages
  4. Ver: 2 will support even hardware & software reporting
  5. Will have entire Software Life cycle support.
    1. New Software request or Existing Software request
    2. Integration, packaging, UAT and Deployment lifecycle integrated.

as always i am requesting yours comments and suggestions to make it a success.

updated MSI Questions. Ver.: Alpha 4

Hello all,

I have updated the MSI Interview Questions, the updated document can be downloaded from

Enjoy solving the last 3 questions.

As always the questions & answers might be wrong.

🙂 so please correct me if that is the case :).


Mayank Johri

Tips: MSI: Save differences between two msi as MST file using ruby & python


require ‘win32ole’
msiClass =“WindowsInstaller.Installer”)
msidb = msiClass.OpenDatabase(“C:\\temp\\MountPointGenerator.msi”,0)
newmsidb = msiClass.OpenDatabase(“C:\\temp\\updatedMountPointGenerator.msi”,0)
transform = newmsidb.GenerateTransform(msidb,”c:\\temp\\newtest.mst”)


import win32com.client
import os
import sys


installer = win32com.client.Dispatch(“WindowsInstaller.Installer”)
database = installer.OpenDatabase(msidb, msiOpenDatabaseModeReadOnly)
updatedDB= installer.OpenDatabase(msiupdb , msiOpenDatabaseModeReadOnly)
updatedDB.GenerateTransform(database, mstdb)