Alpha 1 Version of App-V Interview Questions

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My first try to consolidate all the app-v interview questions.

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Mayank Johri

App-V Interview Questions

  1. What is App-V Sequencing
  2. What is VFS sequencing
  3. What is MNT Sequencing
  4. What is SystemGuard
  5. What are the protocols supported for streaming
  6. What is active upgrade
  7. Which applications can be sequenced.
  8. How to manage exclusion list
  9. Can network shortcut applications be sequenced
  10. Can host files be sequenced
  11. Define the normal upgrade process
  12. What precautions are needed while sequencing
  13. How reboots are handled while sequencing
  14. Can all types of services be sequenced
  15. Why application is launched more than once while sequencing.
  16. How much disk space is required on sequencing machine
  17. Which hardware component be updated to get better performance in sequencing process.
  18. What is a suite and how we can create them
  19. What is the difference between update and active upgrade
  20. What is the difference between suite and dynamic suite
  21. Why only Q drive is necessary for sequencing can we have any other also.
  22. Name few disadvantages of using SCCM server for deploying App-V Applications
  23. Name few advantages of using SCCM server for deploying App-V Applications

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FAQ: AppV : Can I stream application if it was sequenced on other OS

Short Answer is Yes & No.

Long Answer: If the application was sequenced on WinXP and streamed on Vista then there is more chances for the application to work but reverse is not recommended.

Also if the application when physically installed does not work then even the virtualized application will also not work.