One thought on “From: Mayank Johri

  1. Hi There,

    Love it absolutely! So crystalline. No mumbo jumbo. No non-sense. Straight and simple. You guys need a standing ovation for your good work.

    The array module contains methods for creating arrays of fixed types with homogeneous data types. Arrays are slower than list. Array of characters, integers, floating point numbers can be created using array module. Array (typecode[, intializer]) Returns a new array whose items are constrained by typecode, and initialized from the optional initialized value.

    I have created a form in tkinter which is connected to the database (postgresql). Now problem is that only I can use this application. My question is how can make this app more dynamic so that a team of 40 can use it. I don’t want to use any python web app flask or django.

    Can anyone please suggest that how a team of 40+ can easily use it and we can have live updates on it?

    I am so grateful for your blog. Really looking forward to read more.

    Kind Regards,

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