App-V 5.x Interview Questions.

What is the use of Package Accelerator
App-V Package Accelerators enable application packaging easily and automatically without monitoring the application installation while following a step-by-step recipe.
What does Package Accelerator contains
It contains the following types of files

·         DeploymentConfig and UserConfig XML files.

·         Manifest file

·         Any files created by the app at time of sequencing containing customizations etc. that are not provided by the installation files

·         Files necessary for the virtual environment and streaming optimization

What type of installation files not supported by App-V Package Accelerator
Self extracting executable installation files are not supported.
Can powershell be used to create the Package Accelerator
Can powershell be used to create the App-V Package using Package Accelerator
yes, Powershell needs to run in elevated privilege.
How App-V Package Converter works
It is a powershell script

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