Compile juce dll using code::block and mingw.

  1. Import solution from “Build\VisualStudio2008_DLL”
  2. add liboleaut32; libshell32.a; libole32.a; libvfw32.a; libwinmm.a; libwininet.a;libws2_32.a; libdsound.a; libwsock32.a; libwldap32.a; libkernel32; libopengl32.a; libglu32.a; libuuid.a; librpcrt4.a; libgdi32.a; libcomdlg32.a; libversion.a; libdsound.a; libshlwapi.a  in library.
  3. add  “#ifndef _WIN32_WINNT
    #define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0501
    #endif” when you get “error: ‘getaddrinfo’ was not declared in this scope”  error while compiling.
  4. Set -mach=i586 in compilation option.

One thought on “Compile juce dll using code::block and mingw.

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