4 thoughts on “FAQ: MSI Interview

  1. Hi Mayank

    How are you?

    On page5 you have a sentence “Once the repair of the package is triggered, even with Self Heal, then the
    whole of the MSI is reinstalled. i.e. all its features are reinstalled.”

    but actually during self-heal only the feature from which self-healing is triggered will be reinstalled but not all the features unless until self-healing is triggered from a child feature.

    i.e., I believe if there are multiple features on root node, and one of them contains a advertized shortcut using which self-healing may be triggered then, only that particular feature will get reinstalled but not all other features.

    Ravi Kiran

      • Once repair or self healing is initiated it is going to reinstall all the features. Let say there are two features A and B , feature A contains advertised shortcut, when we launch the shortcut it is going to reinstall all resources even non keypath resources of feature A but in feature B only keypath resources get reinstalled non keypath resources of Feature B will not get reinstalled.

        Abhishek Shukla.

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