Imaging WinXP using Knoppix

  1. Boot from knoppix
  2. Repartition your drive
    1. Base Partition – This is were your winXP is installed
    2. Image Partition – this is were your image of windows xp will be copied
  3. mount the  image partition: mount /dev/sda2 /media/img
  4. Use the command to create the img: ntfsclone -s -o /media/img/winxp.img /dev/sda1
  5. use the command to restore the img: ntfsclone  –restore-image -O /dev/sda1  /media/img/winxp.img
  6. Enjoy

Note: It is a good idea to have ext3 as filesystem for your image partition so that the image file is not deleted accidentally and also it overwrites the FAT32 2GB filesize limit.

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