PitHole: MAV : “Not Authorised to access” Error

Yesterday, I came accross a very funny error, A friend of mine told me that he has published a sequence on two servers and the package is working fine on one server but fails when streamed from another server and user is getting “Not Authorised Error”.

This is a very common error while streaming and is mostly generated when the sequence is not published on the server. But in this case it was published.

After struggling for two hour, I found that my friend was testing the seq which was published on two servers on same client machine without cleaning the cache.  I asked him to cleanup the cache and then try again, but this time launch the osd from the server which is not working. After few mins he called me and said that now it is working fine.


The issue was that when he launched the osd from Server A, the OSD file got cached in alluser profile and then  when he launched it from Server , it went to server A and was trying to launch it from there and thats were all the hell broke down.

Lesson’s Learned:

Always clean the cache using lucy (my softgrid client helper) or through the softgrid client console, and then do the testing for another package.

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