Setting Evolution for Gmail Account

Steps to follow

  1. Enable the POP & SMTP service on gmail accont.
  2. Start Evolution
  3. Add New Account by clicking “Edit” -> “Preference”
  4. In “Accout Details”, press “Add” Button
  5. Select “Forward”
  6. Enter your Account Name and Email ID and select “Forward”
  7. Select “POP” server for “Receiving Email”
  8. Under “Configuration” section enter “” and your email username
  9. Under “Security” select “SSL encryption
  10. Under “Authentication Type” select Password
  11. Select “Forward”
  12. Select “Forward” for “Receiving Options
  13. In “Sending Email” select
    1. Server Type : SMTP
    2. Under “Server Configureation” add “SMTP.GMAIL.COM” for Server
    3. Under “Security” select “SSL Encryption” as “Use Secure Connection”
    4. Enter Username under Authentication section.
  14. Select “Forward”

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